Since you took the time to make it this far,..... here is the full story.

This guy is a real dirtbag with no interest in doing quality repair. It appears he just wants to take the money and run.

We called Richard sometime in the first week of October in 2018 to repair our leaking air conditioner unit. Richard arrived at our home and Recharged our unit. While he was here he explained the benefits of replacing the system and we agreed because we are trusting people.

On 10.13.2018 Richard installed a new air conditioner and outside unit. From the time the unit was installed the weather wasn't terribly hot and the unit wasn't used much. Sometime around the end of February and the beginning of March, we noticed a stain on our ceiling. I entered the attic to find the drip pan was overflowing and leaked throughout the attic destroying the insulation and sheet rock of the room below. He never re installed the secondary drain line! Richard had ordered a primary pan that was damaged and leaking because of an improper installation and replaced the secondary pan. The secondary pan was damaged and was not replaced during the initial installation nor did Richard check to make sure the secondary drain line was clear and flowing which resulted in further damage to our home. As the summer continued and the weather increasingly became warmer, we noticed the air conditioner was continuously operating 21 to 22 hours a day. We called Richard and explained what was going on with the unit. He arrived on 08.19.19 and looked at our unit and determined that the system pressures were fine and stated that the unit was operating normally. He suggested that we replace our Nest thermostat as this may be running both the AC and heater at the same time and restarting the WIFI to allow the thermostat to do a software update. I’m not sure why he didn’t or couldn’t verify that when he while he was here but we took him for his word and replaced the thermostat and restarted the WIFI router. Replacing the thermostat did not solve our issue.

On 08.21.19 we called AAA Heating and AC out to look at our system and get a second opinion. It was noted by AAA that the installation that there are several items improperly installed or installed wrong. To list a few:

1) The TXV bulb was improperly mounted

2) The P trap for the drain was of the wrong type

3) There is a 11-13 degree temperature split indicating improper operation

4) The freon lines were not insulated

5) both the supply and return ductwork going to the new air handler was are leaking air due to improper installation. It is taking hot air from the attic and blowing it throw the air handler and blowing the “cooled” air back into the attic.

AAA suggested to have the TXV replaced and properly mounted, insulate the refrigerant lines, Fix the air leaks from the improper installation, evacuate and replace the refrigerant as it may be contaminated and replace the receiver/dryer. Put the system under a vacuum to remove moisture and various other repairs that should have been done during the initial installation of the new air conditioner unit.

After having the system diagnosed by another contractor, I forwarded the report to Richard and asked that he make the repairs and correct the installation issues under his one-year labor warranty. He agreed and arrived on 08.24.19. Richard said completed everything on the list we provided him but he did not. Whatever he did made no difference in the operation of the AC unit and its probably because of all the spare parts he left on the counter. I tried contacting Richard several times about these remaining matters but he no longer wishes answer my call or text messages.

He does well for himself by taking the money and running.
The picture doesn't show but he even got himself a new truck!
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BUYER BEWARE!!!! Don't be a fool and trust this man inside your home! He will take the money and run!! He will not return any of your phone calls and he can't be sued because he has nothing to sue for, zero assets! do yourself a favor and hire a true professional.